How to Block Ads on Spotify Free Version Guide

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In this fast and furious world, no one likes to be slowed down and stop in the middle of the route. Even if it's about spending our best time listening to our music and songs. Besides being a popular music streaming platform, Spotify, we people still need help with unskippable ads on it while streaming music. Therefore, as a resolution, here we have a Spotify Ad Blocker extension, which helps pause these unskippable ad breaks. 

All you have to do is to install this extension on your system, which you can get for free by clicking here. Remember to use a laptop or PC and a compatible web browser to download this extension. Moreover, once you download and install it on your system, it enables you to enjoy breakfast and ad-free music and songs on Spotify music streaming platform for free, even on basic subscription plans. 

Apart from it, this Spotify Ad blocker chrome extension also has amazing features and specifications. You can only enable these once you install the extension. Furthermore, do you want to learn about the process of extension installation? Then, do check out the downward manual steps or a free version guide to download this extension.

Steps to Follow Before Installing the Extension 

There are some relevant steps that you need to follow before you start installing the  Ad Blocker Spotify. Therefore,  


  • Primarily, it would help if you had a laptop/PC; either it should be Windows or macOS. It is so because installing the extension is compatible with these devices. 

  • Another thing you need to keep in mind is to use a safe and compatible web browser while installing the Spotify Ad Blocker Chrome extension. Ensure either to use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, etc.  

  • The last thing you need is active or consistent internet connectivity. So you will face the least loading issues and glitches while installing this Spotify Ad Blocker PC extension.    

How to Install the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension?  

There is a list of some straightforward steps you need to follow to install the Ad Blocker for Spotify on your device easily. So without any further delay, let’s begin:  

  • First and foremost, directly install the Ad Blocker for Spotify extension by clicking here. 

  • The next step will let you reach the next page or window. 

  • On the next page or window, it will show you a “Add to Chrome” button.

  • Now continue by clicking on that button “Add Extension” button.

  • Remember, clicking on the “Add Extension” button will automatically start installing the Spotify Ad Blocker Chrome extension on your system.

  • And once you successfully install the Ad Blocker for Spotify extension on your system. It will let you listen to all your favorite music playlists binge-free without any ad interference.

Beneficial Features of Spotify Ad Blocker Extension: Features 

Using the Ad Blocker for Spotify extension alone is only useful once or if you add an essence of its useful features. Using them will help you to fetch some more from this extraordinary extension. But to access these features, you need to install the extension first. And these are:     

  • Primarily, installing the extension will let you listen to all your favorite music and songs without any unskippable ads. The best thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere; you can find several of your favorite songs in the Spotify library.

  • Besides online music streaming, the Ad Blocker for Spotify extension also offers its users a podcast option on Spotify. So you can enjoy listening to break-free and consistent stories. 

  • The best part is that installing the extension is completely free of cost. And it doesn’t require any of your pennies to install it. So, you can enjoy listening to unlimited songs and music for free on Spotify. ​

  • The last but not least is the compatibility of this extension with different devices. And these are Windows, Chromebook, and macOS laptops/ PCs.

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