How to Use Ad block in Incognito Mode

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The continuous distraction of upcoming and unskippable ad breaks can sometimes frustrate us and spoil the mood. Therefore, here you have a resolution: a Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension that helps block all the ads. Moreover, installing this extension on your device can help you the best if you are a music lover and love to listen to music on the Spotify music app. Besides, keep in mind to install this Spotify Ad Blocker on your device only if it has Spotify installed on it. The fact behind this is it only works on the Spotify Music app. 

So, you are already a Spotify user. In that case, you must install this Ad Blocker extension by Spotify on your device. Doing so will enable you to enjoy the ad and binge-free music from the various music and songs on Spotify. Furthermore, do not even try to install this app on your smartphone, as it only supports working on macOS, Windows, and Chromebook laptops/PCs.

Features of Spotify Ad Blocker 

Mugging up the information about the features before installing the Spotify Ad Blocker extension, it is essential to review its features to clarify its specifications. And also to make an idea whether it is meeting your expectations or not. And these are:  

1.Access to 1 million+ Song 

The very first feature denotes the accessibility of the Ad Blocker extension by Spotify to more than one million+ songs and music on the Spotify music app. Moreover, it lets you listen to Spotify podcasts without including unskippable ad breaks.

2.Free Installation 

The best part is you do not need to pay anything to install or use this extension as it is a free accessible extension. But paying for a Spotify subscription and its premium services is relevant to listening to your favorite music. 

3.Easily Compatible

It does not matter whether you are a Windows, Chromebook, or macOS user; the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension can smoothly work on all of them. But at the same time, make sure you are using this extension on any of the above-given PC/laptops, not on a smartphone, as it will not work correctly. 

Prerequisites of Spotify Ad Blocker

There are a few precautionary steps to keep information about the requirements that you will need to install the Spotify Ad Blocker extension. Thus, you will least face the problems and hurdles during the process of installation. And these are:     

1.First and foremost, you need to switch to either Windows or macOS laptops/ PCs devices. It is so because the extension will only be compatible with these operating devices. Therefore, using any of these devices will work best for you for installation.

2.Next, you need to use a secure and compatible web browser to install the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension. Hence, some of them are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini, Firefox, etc.  

3.The one last thing you need is stable internet connectivity. So, you will least face the issues of glitches and reloading of pages.  

How to Install the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension? 

Usage of an extension is complete once or if you install this on your device. Therefore, after gathering information about its features and prerequisites, here is information regarding its installation process. And these are:

1.First and foremost, install the Spotify Ad Blocker chrome extension, which you can even do by clicking here.

2.Remember, installing the Ad Blocker extension by Spotify redirects you to the next page. 

3.After coming to the next page, click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

4.Further, click on the “Add Extension” button to proceed further. 

5.Doing so will install the Spotify Ad Blocker extension on your laptop/PC.

6.Now, listen to all your favorite music and songs binge-free on Spotify with no ad breaks after installation is complete.

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