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Spotify Ad Blocker

How to use Spotify Ad Blocker Extension?

Spotify Ad Blocker Extension

We all are aware that music is an integral part of our lives. Furthermore, while traveling, doing chores, etc., we need music everywhere. Therefore, Spotify has become the most used streaming platform for music. Spotify is letting people listen to music for free. Although, with free music, Spotify adds its tiny bit restrictions with its ads to our listening experience. We understand that sometimes it gets vexatious when ads randomly play in between songs. You are vibing and grooving on a piece of music, and suddenly a Spotify ad pops up. How pesky, right? However, Spotify offers its premium service for $9.99 monthly to listen to ad-free music. Sometimes, Spotify’s premium service might get costly. Hence, blocking these ads is the only way through which you can enjoy your music ad-free. 

 On the other hand, there are different ways through which you can block the ads on Spotify. Therefore, don’t let Spotify become your buzz kill and download the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension just for free. 


The name says it all, Spotify Ad Blocker Extension is in usage for blocking ads on Spotify. Furthermore, it is an ad blocker extension that is incredibly free of cost. Moreover, Spotify Ad Blocker Extension’s downloading process is highly accessible and free. Therefore, you can install and use Spotify Ad Blocker Extension to play your music anywhere and anytime you want. Henceforth, listen to music without any ads interference. Besides, the best part of this extension is that you do not have to do a thing. Yes, you only have to make a few clicks and download and install the extension. Hence, it is absolutely hassle-free and an effortless task to download. Therefore, you have to install the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension and have a blast grooving on new hits on Spotify. Thus, now let’s dive further into the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension specifications.


  • Spotify Ad Blocker Extension detects and eliminates all the ads automatically when you install it.
  • Let you enjoy your music ad-free so that you can have fun at your party without the ads in between.
  • The best part is that the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension is cost-friendly. Hence, you don’t have to pay anything for the extension. 
  • It supports macOS, Chromebooks, Windows, Laptops, and PCs. 
  • You can download and install Spotify Ad Blocker Extension from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. Further, let’s check out its steps to download down below.


The step for downloading and installing this extension is an effortless task. Therefore, you have to follow these few steps to download your extension free of cost. So, without further ado, let’s start.

  • First, you have to search the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension on the official Chrome website. Also, click here to install the extension for free. 
  • Second, tap on the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button. 
  • Third, click on the “ADD EXTENSION” button after the previous step.

Hence, in less than four steps, the process of installation of your Spotify Ad Blocker Extension will accomplish. Now, enjoy your favorite music ad-free and paint the town red with your chosen genre just for free.


The usage of Spotify Ad Blocker Extension is not a tedious task. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use. Let’s check its uses in the steps down below.

  • The initial step is to download and install the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension. Furthermore, don’t forget that the extension is compatible with macOS, Chromebooks, Windows, Laptops, and PCs.
  • Secondly, you have to pin the extension icon to your browser’s toolbar. Although, if you can’t locate the extension, click on the ‘puzzle’ icon on the top right corner of your browser. Therefore, there you will find the extension icon. Henceforth, pin it to your browser toolbar. 
  • Note that the Spotify Ad Blocker Extension is pinned and enabled while running Spotify. Therefore, this will make your listening experience more smooth.